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The Job Skills of 2022

The Fastest Growing Job Skills 

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In this eBook, we deep dive into the fastest growing digital and human skills for 2022!

Where are we?

A double disruption, led by automation and COVID-19, is reshaping work and the skills required across industries and markets

What Needs to Happen?

Individuals primarily rely on three key institutions—governments, higher education, and businesses—for their career development.

Digital skills?

Digital skills can incorporate everything from social media to cybersecurity, and are increasingly central to a thriving workforce.

Human Skills?

Human Skills include a range of cognitive, social, and emotional skills, such as creativity, critical thinking and decision-making,

How can we prepare for 2022 and beyond?

We’re on the cusp of a more equitable world of work, built on a foundation of life-long learning. To make progress towards this vision, institutions should act quickly.

The future is not without challenges. Risks to the economy and personal success come from growing automation, rapidly-changing skill requirements, and labor shortfalls. 

Embracing technology and its ability to democratize access to new
roles, and nurture the new digital and human skills that underpin those careers, will be vital in overcoming these risks.

The Job Skills Report assesses the skills needed and the trends that are important to you.

Skills Development is a Lifelong Mission

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