What Continuing Professional Development Program Has These Effective Principles and Attributes?

What Continuing Professional Development Program Has These Effective Principles and Attributes?

Now that you understand what you need to know about continuing professional development and how to pursue it in a successful way, you may be ready to find a program that suits your individual goals and areas of opportunity.

CoursWorx is a professional community and e-commerce platform that offers continuing professional development for 8,000+ LinkedIn Validation and Regulatory Compliance members. We believe continuing professional development is an important, ongoing process for any life science professional’s career.

Our differentiated approach to continuous professional development focuses on unlocking human potential through Learning Paths and Reflective Practices.

CoursWorx’s Learning Paths make it easy for you discover:

  • In-demand job roles
  • Key skills needed for each job role
  • Top-rated programs where you can build those skills
  • An engaging learning journey

We know that as a life science professional, you’re looking for hard and soft skills that can help you advance in your career. That’s why we offer in-demand courses like Validation, Regulatory Compliance, Data Science and Interpersonal Communication.

Each training focuses on the necessary attributes of social, personalized, contextualized and integrated learning. Life sciences companies compete with each other and other industries to hire a talented workforce.

It took many years for you to acquire the scientific and technical skills as well as the industry knowledge necessary to become proficient in your field. 

These hard skills you’ve acquired, also called technical skills, are learnable, easy to quantify but applicable only on a defined context within companies or institutions embracing these activities.

Hard skills will help you get the interview, but soft skills will enable you to get hired and keep the job”.1

Hard skills will empower you to start a career, but soft skills will help you excel in it.

Throughout their careers, scientists and others with technical backgrounds, often must recalibrate behaviors to align with corporate expectations that desire both hard and soft skills as their roles expand.

Our Newest Insight Blog Page

Our Newest Insight Blog Page
November 17, 2022

Our Newest Insight Blog Page

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