Become Your Own Boss

If you are a consultant,  solopreneur or a business owner, you probably struggle sometimes with work-life balance. 

And the same thing goes for a lot of employees too, but I think in general entrepreneurs or freelancers are the ones most affected by this.

I’m an online entrepreneur myself, I own an online course platform ( and I also create and sell online courses, so I know what it’s like.

I’m going to share with you in this post a way that I found to improve my work-life balance, and adopt a fully remote work lifestyle. As of right now, my whole company works remotely all over the world, and a lot of my income does not require my physical presence, or even my online presence at a certain moment of the day.

So how does this work? I found a way to make this work by teaching online courses. 

And the great thing about being a course creator, is that you don’t have to do it full time, you can do that in complement to other professional activities, or as a way to find clients to your consulting services.

Why Create and Sell Online Courses? Here are some of the top benefits of creating and selling online courses. 

#Reason 1 - Become Your Own Boss

Nobody likes doing work that they don’t want to do, but that is almost inevitable as an employee. 

Sure, there might be long periods where your priorities and the ones of the company are aligned, but the company will always take priority over your personal dreams.

And switching jobs is also a huge risk, because you never really know what you are getting yourself into. As an online course creator, you suddenly become your own boss, and you get to decide what you work on every day, which is an awesome feeling.

For example, I’m a course creator myself, but before that, I was a software engineer. I loved being a software engineer, but the long hours and work dissatisfaction eventually got to me in the end. So, I decided to quit my job, pursue course creation as a full-time career and I started teaching online. 

Today, I became my own boss, I teach programming courses and I enjoy working for myself so much more. I know owning a business is not for everyone, but being an employee is also not for everyone either. 

I found out very late in my career (almost in my 40s) that I was much more meant to be a business owner. But better late than never. 😉

#Reason 2 - It’s a Billion Dollar Industry

Another great reason to become a course creator, is that the online course industry is currently worth $243 billion.  But what’s more interesting is that it is expected to reach $337 billion by 2026. This is some of the biggest expected growth in any industry in general.

And it’s also quite logical.

Because with the growth of the internet and the availability of so many online course platforms, there’s no need for students and teachers to meet in a traditional classroom, at least for certain topics. 

For example, if you are learning web design, graphic design or programming, those topics are better learned with self-paced video courses with occasional assignments and doubt-clearing sessions. But you and your students just don’t have to be physically present at the same location at any time.

#Reason 3 - Have Time to Pursue Your Interests

The best benefit of being an online course creator is having more time available. Once you have created and launched some courses and have set the right systems in place, you have a lot more freedom. 

This system will work for you, and you can do whatever in your spare time. You can pursue your interests further, or decide to reinvest that time in your business and further develop it. So you usually still have to work every single day, and for most of the time, by creating new courses, answering questions, etc.

But you get a lot more flexibility. If something urgent happens, for example to one of your family members and you suddenly have to take 3 days off, you just do so without having to explain that to anyone.

I think it’s in the simple things of everyday life that I notice more of the benefits of this schedule flexibility. For example, I don’t have to spend time commuting to work, so there 's already a ton of time that I gain per day that I can use however I like.

Let’s say that it’s a sunny day outside and I feel like going outside for 15 minutes to the park and gather my thoughts: I just do it. 

Another example, I take  every year a full month of holidays in the summer, which would be hard to get approved by most employers. And during that full month off, my business keeps running for me in auto-pilot, which is awesome.  

#Reason 4 - Work From Anywhere

Raise your hands if you also don’t like being in an office. If you did, then by becoming an online course creator, you get to decide the place you want to work. You can adopt a travel lifestyle, maybe rent an apartment near the sea for a couple of months, or even just go to different shared offices around your city.

Or simply move to a less densely populated and less expensive area, that you enjoy living in. You know the usual internet cliche of someone working on the beach with a laptop.  

Well, if you really want to, that could be you. 😉  Personally, I never used this location freedom as I have small children, but maybe one day I will, you never know. Even though I don’t really use this freedom of location, just knowing that I have it changes everything for me. 

#Reason 5 - Earn Passive Income

You might have heard that selling online courses is a fantastic way to earn passive income. The example I mentioned of my yearly summer holidays I think is a good example. You can set up the entire system on automation, and it’ll do the ‘selling’ for you. And this is not a pipe dream, tons of people do it.

You actually don’t have to go out and sell your courses to each one of your students. You can instead create blogs or YouTube videos and drive organic traffic to your courses for free. Then once they’re set, you will earn passive income even when you're not working. 

You can’t leave the courses running forever without attendance, you will need to answer questions and keep updating them. But you can certainly leave your business running for weeks on end with little attendance, if you really need to.

#Reason 6 - Higher Revenue Potential

If you work as an employee, your revenue potential is capped by your monthly salary, there is no way for you to make more in a month. But with online courses, your revenue today is the sum of everything that you did in the last 12 months to develop your business.

Your revenue potential is determined by the market size of your course topic and by the market share that you managed to capture on it, and not by your contract.

How to Sell Online Courses?

So far, we have discussed why online course creation is a great career option, even in complement to other activities such as freelancing, consulting, etc. 

So how do you get started?. First, you need to figure out what you want to teach. Are you good at digital marketing?  Or do you have extensive knowledge of programming languages?  Give it a thought and find your area of interest. 

You don’t have to be a world-class expert on your topic. Just knowing your topic way better than your students will work just fine. Once you’ve decided what you want to teach, the next logical step is to create an online course, and I will tell you exactly how next.

Conclusion - Quitting your full-time job to become an online course instructor can be an intimidating thought. But the best part is, you can start it as a side hustle, just like I did. You can keep your full-time job and build an online course business slowly on the side. 

I developed my programming blog some 3 years before I even thought about creating online courses. I did it for fun and had no idea that what I was doing was crucial to later develop my business. 

I started creating courses in 2016, but now that I think about it, I really started my business in 2012 or before, when I launched my blog. So, it’s your turn to give yourself the freedom you deserve. Go and start creating your course today.

I’ve put together here a complete guide on how to create an online course, detailing the whole process from start to finish: How To Create an Online Course? (Complete Guide, includes Free PDF).

I hope you found this post helpful and that it motivated you to start building your own online course business.

Vasco Cavalheiro Founder & Online Course Creator

DISCLOSURE:  This is a sponsored blog.  Any purchases you make, CoursWorx may earn a commission.  


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